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Lari Joe Westwood

Suite: 2


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About Me

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Lari Jo and I am The Owner of Moon Glow Studio. I became an Esthetician almost six years ago, and have been a Wax Specialist for over five years now.

My journey started when I decided I did not want to finish my college degree anymore. I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I always knew I wanted to help people in some way, I just didn’t know how. Until my mom suggested a school she had happened to see on an online ad where you could learn to do facials and makeup. She knew that I loved makeup and skincare, and so she suggested that I tour the school to see if it was something I thought I would be interested in starting a career with. So I did, I went to tour the school, and fell in love with all of the things I would get to learn, and then I signed up. Little did I know this would take me on the journey of a lifetime. I had no idea I would become a professional waxer, or even a business owner.

As I went through school, daily, we would practice facials, and waxing. We learned other things here and there but these two were what we spent the majority of our time on. My favorite thing to do was the facials. I loved everything about it.

When I graduated school I had no idea that it would take such a long time to find a job as a Facialist, but it did, and I really needed a job. So when a place called European Wax Center wanted to interview me. I decided to go for it. They hired me right on the spot. I was so nervous to start waxing, but I killed it in training. Everyone loved me. I stayed there for 3 years until they transferred me to a different location to become their lead waxer. This was a task I was eager to take on. I always loved a challenge, and I always took my job seriously. I grew an amazing clientele, and I loved getting to train people. I did this for a little over 2 years, until I decided I didn’t want to work for the franchise anymore. I didn’t feel like they cared to make their employees happy, they only cared about the dollar sign that came with us. I wanted better for myself, and my future family. I wanted more freedom to actually live and enjoy life. So here I am 5 years later…a Business Owner!

My mom saw potential in me that I didn’t even see in myself, and she wanted me to open up my own business only after a year of waxing. She was willing to invest in me, but I wasn’t ready. It was too soon, I didn’t feel like I had gained enough experience and knowledge, until now.

When I was ready, she was so excited and eager to help me build this business. I never imagined being a business owner, but here I am, and it feels so good!

I take pride in my work, and I genuinely love being an Esthetician, and Wax Specialist. I love making women feel beautiful, and comfortable and confident in their own skin. I want people to walk out of my room Glowing like the Moon. This is only the beginning.

Hour of Operation

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