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JaneLee Jensen

Suite: 121


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About Me​

I have been working for over 18 years and am a Certified Massage Therapist Instructor. I am also licensed in Washington State. I specialize in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacia Release and Reflexology. I have trained in Russia in Massage and Sports Therapy. My work is 100% guaranteed. Your health and well being are important to me.


Deep Tissue Massage – A connective tissue or myofacial release. Trigger points, stretching and all internal systems are stimulated. Specific muscle groups are targeted depending on your needs. Reflexology – Specific spots on hands and feet that correlate with internal organs stimulate the brain to send more blood flow to that area of the body. Swedish Massage – Tailored to fit your needs. This is a massage from head to toe, and stimulates all the internal systems. It relieves muscle tension and pain. This massage is available in 60 minute and 30 minute sessions.


  • Swedish Massage

  • Mini Swedish Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage

  • Pregnancy Massage

  • Facial Massage

  • Body Polishing

  • Back Exfoliation

  • Ionic Foot Spa

Hours of Operation

  • Please contact me to schedule your appointment

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