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Robyn White

Robyn White


Hi! I'm Robyn, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and also a nurse. I'm solely practicing in massage therapy now, but my nursing background helps me to understand clients' medical conditions and tailor massage to their needs. I just like to help people feel better! I've opened my own private studio and invite you to try my services.


Do your neck and back ache after sitting at a desk all day, or your legs throb after standing for hours at work? Do you have soreness or tension from your athletic hobbies (e.g., running, cycling, tennis, etc.)? Perhaps you just need a bit of help relaxing, unwinding from the stresses of daily life in a soothing environment. If you said yes to any of these, I can help!


I offer both relaxation and therapeutic massage. I am certified in Prenatal Massage, a specialized form of relaxation massage. I will be adding more services (hot stone massage, for one) in the coming months.


Not only can I help you through massage, but by getting to know you and your typical activities a bit, I can help you with some ideas to reduce your pain or improve your general well-being after your session ends. I want you to continue to feel good between sessions.


Massage chains can be a great deal for some, but if you aren't interested in signing a contract for services you might not even use, or want more personalized attention, I'm your gal. No contracts are required to get a good massage at a reasonable price from me.


Book your appointment now by visiting my website:


You can also text me at (214) 600-9854 or email me at


Please remember to allot an extra half hour for the session to accommodate undressing and dressing, intake interview  (so that you and I may determine what you need today), and post massage planning (things you can do at home, booking of next appointment, feedback for me, etc. ). While an entire half hour 

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